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A model of x-ray that may have been used in the medical screening of displaced people and migrants in the 1940s and early 1950s. Artifact No. 1987.2154.001, CSTMC, Ottawa ON

braille watches-3.JPG
A catalogue showcasing a selection of braille watches, as well as alarm clocks and timers, including within the fonds of the Canadian National Institute of the Blind at Library and Archives Canada

An image of "blind displaced person" case file put together for the CNIB to facilitate selection of individuals to be sponsored and resettled in Canada. The attached photograph depicts a young family, including husband, who was blind, sitting beside…

This is an image of a passenger ship, MS SKAUBRYN, docked, prominently displaying a banner of the International Refugee Organization in 1951.

This photograph depicts five-month old Jan Jaslinsky, infant son of Mieczyslaw Jaslinsky and wife, the youngest of the family of displaced people who were blind to come to Canada, being held by T.C.A airline attendant, Lucy Corey, upon their arrival…

This photograph depicts Karol Gamrot, a once displaced person who was blind, when he first arrived in Canada in the early hours of 18 January 1951, Montreal Airport, kneeling beside his guide dog, a German Shepherd named Utta

A photograph of a few of the eight people who were blind and their families who were displaced following the Second World War and sponsored to come to Canada in 1951 by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. They sit, having a coffee and…

This image, taken 18 January 1951, is of a few of the eight displaced people and their families who arrived in the early morning hours on this date at the Montreal Airport. They were met by members of the CNIB who sponsored them to come to Canada.…

This is an image of the street signs at the corner of Bank and Queen, near the RBC Branch (99 Bank) where the world's first talking ATM was installed in 1997.

This is an image of the contemporary accessible Automated Teller Machine, located at the Royal Bank branch at 99 Bank, near the corner of Queen Street in Ottawa, ON. The first image is taken from the ramp and railing moving up to the machine,…
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