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braillewriter from the American Foundation for the Blind that is also apart of the CSTM collection was produced in New York by the typewriter company L.C. Smith and Corono Typewriters Inc.

Blista brailler, first developed in Germany like the Picht brailler.

CSTM-CNIB PerkinsRepair1.jpg
Specifications of a Perkins brailler, included within a CNIB training manual on how to repair a brailler at home.

CSTM-CNIB PerkinsRepair4.jpg
A manual intended to help users repair a Perkins brailler, written by Howard Knapman, CNIB volunteer

The first prototype of Roland Galarneau's Converto-Braille, a computerized device that could transcribe written text into braille.

The second generation of the Converto-Braille, invented by Roland Galarneau, which was purchased by Telesensory System Inc. in 1982. By 1986, it was being distributed globally as the Versapoint Printer.

An image of Roland Galarneau, c.1970, founder of Cypihot-Galarneau Services Co.

Picht braille-writer c.1900, first developed by Oscar Picht, director of the Provincial School for the Blind in Bromberg, Germany, and later director of the State Blind Institute Berlin-Steglitz. First manufactured in 1899 by the company B.R. Herde…
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