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Roland Galarneau Interview, c.1987
An interview with Roland Galarneau on the eve of his retirement about his technical inventions and life experiences.

Slate & stylus (c.1980) collected by Ernst Hamm for the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in 1986.

An accessible clock developed by James Swail in 1975 at the NRC that converted digital display through a auditory and tactile P.C. board.

An accessible ammeter, first manufactured by Bach-Simpson and adapted by Swail as part of the NRC program for developing assistive devices for people who were blind and partially sighted.

An accessible calculator, designed and adapted by James Swail of the NRC around 1975 that converted the visual digital display through an auditory and tactile board.

One of the initial models of a punch-card reader invented in 1968 by James Swail of the NRC to aid computer programmers who were blind or partially sighted.

The fifth model of a punch card reader invented in 1970 by James Swail of the NRC to assist computer programmers who were blind or partially sighted.

Swail Sensor.JPG
A hand-held light sensor developed by James Swail at the National Research Council of Canada in 1966.
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