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This logo is taken from the package of training cassette tapes from the 1990s, provided by the New Sun Joy MacLaren Adaptive Technology Centre in MacOdrum Library of Carleton University.

A photograph of Leona Emberson, a specialist in independent living skills with the CNIB at their Ottawa office.

A photograph of Richard Marsolais, an independent living specialist with the CNIB at their Ottawa office.

A photograph of Robert Bender, a specialist in Assistive Technology with the CNIB at their Ottawa office.

CNIB intro.jpg
A slate and stylus demonstrated by Leona Emberson of the CNIB on January 25th, 2016.

A slate and stylus, demonstrated by Leona Emberson at the CNIB, Ottawa office.

A Victor Stream Reader -- a book reading machine -- demonstrated by Richard Marsolais at the CNIB, Ottawa office.

braillewriter from the American Foundation for the Blind that is also apart of the CSTM collection was produced in New York by the typewriter company L.C. Smith and Corono Typewriters Inc.
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