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James Swail with Punch Card Reader.png
James Swail demonstrating one of the first models of his punch-card reader (c.1969)

James Swail et son lecteur à opération manuelle pour les cartes perforées (c.1969)

A 1969 article from the NRC publication Science / Dimension pertaining to Swail and his development of a manually operated reader for punched cards to be used by computer programmers who were blind or partially sighted.

This interview is with Richard Marsolais, a long-time employee with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Conducted at CNIB's Ottawa office on the morning of January 25th, 2016, he reflects on his own experience working with and training…

An interview with Leona Emberson, an employee with the Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) at their Ottawa office. She reflects on her own experiences working with and training others at the CNIB, as well as the evolution of assistive…

An interview with Robert Bender, a long-time employee of the CNIB at their Ottawa office, conducted on 25 January 2016. He reflects on his experiences working with and offering assessments for people at the CNIB, as well as the evolution of assistive…

Slate & stylus (c.1980) collected by Ernst Hamm for the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in 1986.

Picht braille-writer c.1900, first developed by Oscar Picht, director of the Provincial School for the Blind in Bromberg, Germany, and later director of the State Blind Institute Berlin-Steglitz. First manufactured in 1899 by the company B.R. Herde…

Blista brailler, first developed in Germany like the Picht brailler.
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