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A photograph of a few of the eight people who were blind and their families who were displaced following the Second World War and sponsored to come to Canada in 1951 by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. They sit, having a coffee and…

A Perkins Braille-writer, first produced in 1951 by the Perkins School for the Blind

This is an image of a passenger ship, MS SKAUBRYN, docked, prominently displaying a banner of the International Refugee Organization in 1951.

An oral history interview with Chris Stark and Marie Laporte Stark at their home in Kanata, Ontation on April 26 2016.

A 1969 article from the NRC publication Science / Dimension pertaining to Swail and his development of a manually operated reader for punched cards to be used by computer programmers who were blind or partially sighted.

Marie at Desk.JPG
Marie Laporte-Stark at her desk where she writes in her Ottawa home, surrounded by various assistive technologies, April 2016

Image of Marie Laporte Stark and Chris Stark in their Ottawa home, April 2016, with their much beloved guide dogs

Audio/visual recording of seminar by Dr. Claire Penketh, "Art Education and Disability Futurity: Subjects on the Edge", recorded March 27, 2019.

James Swail with Punch Card Reader.png
James Swail demonstrating one of the first models of his punch-card reader (c.1969)

James Swail et son lecteur à opération manuelle pour les cartes perforées (c.1969)
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